Vernon, Connecticut with its beautiful parks and lakes is located within easy fifteen minutes commuting distance of the state capital Hartford and twenty-five miles south of Springfield, Massachusetts. The combination of Vernon’s close proximity to major metropolitan and commercial centers, together with its open space, hiking trails and historic homes makes Vernon one of Connecticut’s best cities for your home and family.

Originally settled in the early 1700s and a serene farming village for most of its early history, Vernon still has an enjoyable country air with rolling hills, sweeping farmlands and stunning lakeside vistas making up the local landscape. Stephen Dent Greenwich

Near the southern end of Vernon, a picturesque stream cascades down from the Connecticut highlands, winding its way around steep outcroppings of rocks to join the Tankerhoosen River. This area is Valley Falls Park and has miles of hiking trails.

The early community of Rockville which only relatively recently incorporated with Vernon grew up around the mills that were being built beside the many falls along the Hockanum River. The earliest mill stood by a spot known as “the Rock”, where a dam of solid stone made a high falls furnishing the water power for the mill. It became known as the “Rock Mill” that became the basis of Rockville.

Stephen Dent Greenwich
The Rockville section of town today is a commercial and industrial district providing townspeople with employment opportunities and an important tax base. Rockville was a town in its own right until 1965, when it was incorporated with Vernon. Together, the lovely residential areas of Vernon and industrial Rockville have allowed the town to cultivate and flourish.

On the Vernon town seal is the image of the Fox Hill Memorial Tower. Fox Hill was a lookout spot of the Podunk tribe of Indians commanding a broad view of the Connecticut River Valley and beyond. Lookout towers existed on this spot previously, but the current Fox Hill Memorial Tower was built in 1939 as a monument to veterans.

Vernon has a wide selection of housing opportunities. Contemporary apartments and condominiums balance a varied collection of single-family houses. With easy access to major state routes as well as Interstate 84, Vernon is a diversified community.

The strength of Vernon’s schools and the superior services provided by local groups reveal the town’s character. Continuing education for adults and recreation for all ages is offered by the town. Vernon is strategically located in the emerging “New England Knowledge Corridor” with close proximity to some of the top colleges and universities in the county, including Trinity College and the University of Connecticut.

The combination of Vernon’s close proximity to major metropolitan centers like Hartford and Springfield, together with the commitment to open space with beautiful lakeside vistas makes Vernon one of Connecticut’s best cities for your home and family.